Recent Wisconsin Court Records

Marathon County Criminal Felony Charges

----Some MUGSHOTS have been added----
Eric Whited - Battery Domestic Abuse Repeater & more - 10/17
Joseph Freeman - Maintain Drug Trafficking Place & more - 10/17
Joseph Lambert - Felony Bail Jumping & more - 10/17
Joseph Lambert - Criminal Damage to Property & more - 10/17
Alvis Winters - Felony Bail Jumping & more - 10/16


Stephanie Low's body recovered - Kristopher Torgerson will be charged

According to news reports and a press conference held by Wausau Police has confirmed that Stephanie Low's body was recovered in the Wabeno area.

Marathon County Sheriff to Retire

The Marathon County Sheriff, Randy Hoenisch, has announced that he is retiring during a news conference held today.

Why are we paying Marathon County Sheriff?

After reading the article in the Wausau Daily Herald about Marathon County Sheriff Randy Hoenisch and his lack of work hours logged, makes me wonder if this isn't just another government position that isn't needed?

Ex-Probation Agent getting special treatment

Can someone explain to me what the deal is with the former Wausau Probation Officer Kim Hoenisch and why she is receiving special treatment?

2 Wausau Men charged with over 20 pounds of marijuana

2 Wausau men have been charged with Possess with Intent-THC over 10,000 grams, which is more than 20 pounds of marijuana.

Not only cops in trouble, but their wives too

As pointed out on this website, there has been a high number of police and the like getting nabbed for crimes and resigning due to misconduct, etc. Now we also have a sheriff's wife to add to the line up!

Why wasn't jail time given in Marshfield arson cases?

After seeing the news report about the Marshfield men who received probation for numerous crimes, including arson, I am a bit irritated.

Wausau Police that hit pedestrian should be cited

There was recently a story aired about a Wausau Policeman hitting a pedestrian with his squad car.

Dog-killing woman HAS to be mentally ill

I read a story recently about a woman who apparently purposely killed her boyfriend's dog. If that isn't disturbing enough, the woman actually wrote in her diary about how it made it her feel good to do it!

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