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Ex-Probation Agent getting special treatment

Can someone explain to me what the deal is with the former Wausau Probation Officer Kim Hoenisch and why she is receiving special treatment?

Please don't anyone try to tell me that she isn't either, because I have been looking at court records for awhile now and I have never seen one that doesn't have the person's date of birth listed in a criminal action, especially a felony.

Also, the mugshot that was put on the web isn't even a mugshot, it's a photo of her in court. They have also left out her address on the court record, something you don't see often.

I understand that she is married to the Sheriff and all that but, she did this to herself whether her husband is the president or not, it should not matter.

Fair is fair and I'm SO sick of seeing all this favoritism for certain people lately!

Another point worth mentioning on this deal, this woman is charged with BURGLARY and she admitted to unlawful entry into homes to steal narcotics and the State is only asking for 18 months of jail, that is complete CRAP!!! If this were anyone else, I think the State would be asking for a LOT more time than that!

Fair is Fair!

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