Dog-killing woman HAS to be mentally ill

I read a story recently about a woman who apparently purposely killed her boyfriend's dog. If that isn't disturbing enough, the woman actually wrote in her diary about how it made it her feel good to do it! The Wausau area woman, 20 year old Sean Janas has been charged. It was stated that she poured bleach down the dog's throat and also had stabbed the dog with a knife. The whole story sickens me, and I am a dog lover, but, I think there is much more going on here then what has been said in the news. This person needs some serious help. No "normal" person would do things such as this. I recall learning about tendencies of psychopaths and this type of thing ranks high on that list. No doubt that this woman should be in trouble, but, she also obviously needs some serious psychiatric help. What do you think?


I think most people would agree about her going to prison. This is so disgusting!

burn her at the stake!

It is a good thing that she was caught because she may have started torturing people next - sicko!!!

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