Ex-Probation Agent getting special treatment

Can someone explain to me what the deal is with the former Wausau Probation Officer Kim Hoenisch and why she is receiving special treatment?

Please don't anyone try to tell me that she isn't either, because I have been looking at court records for awhile now and I have never seen one that doesn't have the person's date of birth listed in a criminal action, especially a felony.

Also, the mugshot that was put on the web isn't even a mugshot, it's a photo of her in court. They have also left out her address on the court record, something you don't see often.

I understand that she is married to the Sheriff and all that but, she did this to herself whether her husband is the president or not, it should not matter.

Fair is fair and I'm SO sick of seeing all this favoritism for certain people lately!

Another point worth mentioning on this deal, this woman is charged with BURGLARY and she admitted to unlawful entry into homes to steal narcotics and the State is only asking for 18 months of jail, that is complete CRAP!!! If this were anyone else, I think the State would be asking for a LOT more time than that!

Fair is Fair!

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Not to mention that she abused her authority with the people who were on probation.
Would we really expect her NOT to get special treatment though?

The deal is that she will get special treatment because she is who she is.
MAYBE if she wasn't married to the Sheriff, there would be a little more fairness.
It is happening more and more all the time. No such thing as fair, especially when it comes to the judicial system.

It shouldn't matter who she is, if anything it should make it worse for her since she was an authority figure to some
It is BS

She is an addict and needs help, which seems more than obvious. Many people who steal for narcotics are addicted and they need help, not jail time! Why can't we understand this and do something about it!? Sending them to jail only costs taxpayers more money. The system needs to revamped!

Maybe we should let all the drunk drivers out of jail because there obviously addicts too. Sound fair?

Ummm, This is the way the system works. Ck with Gloria @ Langlade County, herself an ex "victim" of probation years ago. She must have been wronged at that time with the way she runs roughshod over certain people and treats others with kid gloves. If you have relatives that work at safety building apparently its kid gloves. Just my opinion folks, but I am always right.

This city is out of control. They will eventually have some explaining to do, maybe "someone" should alert a more nationally recognized media source..... ..... ........

that is not right to see a probation agerny to see what we have to do and then see dose this to everyone and left her 2 kids and then the kids and never see them and more

It could put her in danger if they released her address for all of her ex-parollees to see. I don't really think it's favoritism, it's just due to the position she held. If I had once been giving criminals a reason to dislike me I wouldn't want them all to know where I live. And it could put her husband in danger too. It's a sensible thing to do.

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