Not only cops in trouble, but their wives too

As pointed out on this website, there has been a high number of police and the like getting nabbed for crimes and resigning due to misconduct, etc. Now we also have a sheriff's wife to add to the line up!

According to news reports, the Marathon County Sheriff's wife, Kim Hoenisch has been charged with drug possession and burglary. She had been a probation officer, but, she does not work for the Department of Corrections any longer.

I seriously do wonder how much her husband knew about all this stuff as it was happening?

News story 01/28/2013 - WSAW -

News story - WAOW -

Kim Hoenisch court record
Kim Hoenisch criminal complaint (pdf format)


I have always heard good things about Sheriff Hoenisch, so I don't think he had any idea.

I read the criminal complaint and I have to say that it reminds me of the same type of thing that had gone on in the Antigo jail with that nurse and whatnot. This probation officer, Kim Hoenisch, was scheming up ways to steal their meds, and in Antigo jail, the Nurse came right out and said that she wouldn't allow Narcotics in there because there was a BIG problem with pills disappearing. Hmmm. this type of stuff is probably going on constantly and everywhere, sickening!!!

Where did u hear that about the antigo jail nurse I am listing her in my lawsuit.

One of the very early posts on AntigoBuzz was about the Antigo Jail nurse.

Is this Postler that you are referring to?
I think she is gone from there now.

Her first name is Joan. I don't know if she is gone now or not tho

@wayne tullberg - What for? Did she take meds from you?

Opiate addiction is a major problem in this country and no one is immune, not even the Sheriff's wife/probation officer. Hope she gets the help she needs!

I am seriously wondering how she got caught, I mean, a person must have had some hard proof against her since no one believes people who are on probation!!!

Another authority figure taking their power to the extreme to benefit themselves, ohh, big shocker!

Is she locked up in jail? if not, she should be!

I don't think she is in jail.

The problem is with the system and the drug companies using the people to make profits. People get addicted and who benefits from that? The drug companies do. Who else benefits, whomever gets kick-backs from the drug companies. It is always about money and greed, nothing more. There is just no caring about the people, this country is truly pathetic!

I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with any type of drug addiction, but, pain killers are one of the worst from what I understand. The government and it's agencies need to come up with some good solid ways to deal with the epidemic instead of using the court system to make even more money off it!

The drug companies should be forced to fund addiction centers that would be free to ANY addict, not just those with money!

Drug possession should not be illegal, it should be addressed for what it is, and people should be getting help for it.

So, I saw a news page that said the prosecution is asking for 18 months jail time, and her lawyer is asking for PROBATION!?! Are you kidding me!? This is an OUTRAGE!
she was BREAKING INTO HOUSES and STEALING! and she was an authority figure!
She should definitely be sent to PRISON, not just local jail and for much longer than 18 months.

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