Stephanie Low's body recovered - Kristopher Torgerson will be charged

According to news reports and a press conference held by Wausau Police has confirmed that Stephanie Low's body was recovered in the Wabeno area.

Kristopher Torgerson (aka Spider), who is currently incarcerated, has confessed to murdering Stephanie and burying her body in a national forest in the Wabeno area.

Torgerson had confessed to six other people that he had killed Low. He had gone to Low's residence to "rip her off" and when she fought back, he murdered her. There was evidence to support that Low was dealing crack cocaine. Another man had helped Torgerson bury the body. A woman had also assisted by driving to the Wabeno area with Torgerson following her in another vehicle.

The police, with help from multiple other agencies, had searched areas in Wabeno but had not been successful in locating the body.

When Torgerson was confronted with all the evidence against him, he agreed to lead police to the burial site, which he did on Friday, September 19. An autopsy was performed and officials did identify the body as that of Stephanie Low. Low had been missing since 2010.

Kristopher Torgerson (aka Spider) mugshot


My prayers go out to the family! Hopefully this will help to begin the healing process for them.

Very Sad. I am glad the family gets closure though. Thoughts and prayers to all family and friends.

How old was Stephanie???? That's so sad.... Prayers to the family!!!

She was 22 years old.

Another victim of war on drugs if you are smart enough to figure out. Prohibition is far worse than the drugs.

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