Wausau Police that hit pedestrian should be cited

There was recently a story aired about a Wausau Policeman hitting a pedestrian with his squad car.

When I heard about this on the news, it was mentioned that there was a power outage when this accident occurred, so I did not think much of it.

That is, until I saw the actual video.

According to the news article, when the Police Officer started his emergency lights, the on-dash camera automatically starts and also provokes a 30 second buffer from BEFORE the lights were activated. So, the whole entire incident is recorded on video.

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The impact is not shown on the video, but, you can clearly see this man walking, so why didn't the Officer see him?

I think he was distracted and he should be cited for inattentive driving. This case should be handled just like it would be for anyone else.

It is worth noting that the last update says the man who was hit and injured is 89 years old and is listed in critical condition.



I agree, I think the cop should get a ticket. You can see the man, and the video proves it.

How sad that this occurred. I hope that the victim will be ok.

This is just another instance of the cops doing what they want and not being held accountable for their bad actions. Anyone else would probably be in jail!

Has there been any updates on how the man is doing?

I couldn't get the video to work, you guys should look into that.

It looks as though the video was removed from the reporting site.

Why would they take the video down? Maybe it backfired on the cops having it up for all to see?

The gentleman that was run down is not doing well. He remains in critical condition. He will probably never recover fully from this while the officer is free to go about his life. I fully believe the officer should be charged. I cannot believe that again the police who are here to protect and serve are only serving their own needs and the heck with the poor man who had his life robbed from him in one instant. HIs quality of life will never be the same for him or his family. The officer should not be allowed to work and his license should be suspended. Charges should include negligent operation of a motor vehicle causing injury. What a travesty.

This is racist

Why was the video removed??

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