Why wasn't jail time given in Marshfield arson cases?

After seeing the news report about the Marshfield men who received probation for numerous crimes, including arson, I am a bit irritated. According to the story on WSAW, Christopher Bialozor, age 21 and Ryan Winslow, age 19, were charged with arson, burglary, theft and criminal damage to property have received no jail time for their crimes. Some of the charges were also related to theft of a vehicle, and one of the men had also received 2 counts of bail jumping, but, yet again, NO jail time!? If jail wasn't meant for these types of crimes, then what is it for? Let some of the marijuana offenders out if there is no room, people like these 2 Marshfield men should not be out walking the streets. Obviously the one guy can't even stay out of trouble while he was on bond, hence the bail jumping charges. Why did these guys get such a good deal? Who do they know? It seems pretty obvious that there is more to the picture here. Any bets on how long it takes before one of them is in trouble again?


I'm sure that there was more going on and they must know someone or they had good information for the police, otherwise they would have gotten jail time.

Just more of the same, they get them into the system and keep them in the system. It generates money for the government, which is really all it boils down to.

Arsonsists = probation!??? Wow, I agree that this is certainly NOT what they should have gotten. Unreal

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